FAQ - What are you looking for in a player?

We really want dedicated women who are eager to learn and have some type of athletic background. Many sports such as basketball and soccer translate very well onto the football field but really having any type of background in sports however small is helpful. Remember we are looking for women of ALL shapes and sizes!


FAQ - I have never played football before, does that matter?

Due to the lack of a girl’s football program, almost 90% of our players have never played football before playing competitive football as an adult. Our veteran players are more than happy to help you, they also have a great understanding of your development, as they went through it themselves! Our coaches will train you on everything you need to know from what a first down is to tackling to learning your playbook. What we really need is dedicated women who are eager to learn!


FAQ - I’m not really in shape, does it matter?

Of course being in-shape would be awesome, but we will get you in shape! Before the season begins, we offer an off-season free strength and conditioning program to help you "get in better shape" before the season begins. Remember football needs women of all shapes and sizes. An o-line player and a wide receiver do not need to have the same amount of cardio or the same strength!


FAQ - Are there many injuries? Will I get hurt?

Like any sport, especially a contact, physical sport such as football, there will be injuries. The most common are pulled muscles and sprains. Of course you can decrease your risk by being in-shape, properly warming up and working on flexibility. We have athletic trainers on the sidelines, strength and conditioning coach's who can help you rehab, and coaches who won't push you if your hurting.


FAQ – Where are the home games?

The Mile High Blaze home games are played at 5 Star Stadium in Thornton


FAQ – When does the season start?

Pre Season workouts begin immediately, we will have mini camps & Football 101 classes with team practices starting in January with the 1st game of the season is usually the 1st weekend of April.  We play 8 games, 4 home and 4 away with playoffs happening in early July and then National Championships at the end of July.



FAQ – When are Tryouts?

Our 1st tryout of the season will be on Sept 22nd from 3-6pm at Montbello Rec Field at 15555 E 53rd Ave in Denver.  We will also have an Oct and Nov Tryout as well.  Those dates will be announced


FAQ – How can I be “In The Know”

The Mile High Blaze has a 2019 Prospect Player Page.  This page is private and you need to be added.  In this group we will make announcements, go over workouts, discuss upcoming events and support each other.  We STRONGLY recommend you be in this group!  We also post on Twitter, IG, Our Fan FB page and more.


FAQ – How old do you have to be to play?

18yrs old by our 1st game day.  If you are under 18 and want to participate in team activities like practices, workouts, and training sessions, parental permission will be required & allowed.


FAQ – Is there an age limit?

Absolutely not.


FAQ – What equipment do we need?

The Mile High Blaze uniform consists of a home & away jersey, football pants & socks which are all provided for you.  There are other items you will need such as: Helmet, Pads, Cleats (non metal), Girdle, Practice jersey & Mouthpiece.  Optional items would be things like gloves, undershirts etc.  We have a great relationship with a sports store in Thornton that gives us great discounts, trade ins, lay away and more!  When we get a little closer you will be given all their info to start planning early.  Another great resource is the Vets on the team as they will sell and loan equipment sometimes


FAQ – How are players evaluated at tryouts?

Potential players will be evaluated based on agility and overall athletic ability, offensive and defensive skills, passion, and coachability. If you don’t know much about football that’s completely ok – it’s more about your willingness to learn and ability to learn quickly.


FAQ – What league is the Mile High Blaze in?

The Blaze is a member of the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA), the premier women’s football league in the United States and the world with 71 teams.


FAQ – What if I can’t attend all practices?

There is a definite correlation between teams that have good attendance and teams that win. We highly encourage attendance, but we understand that players have jobs and families outside of the team.  We do expect players to have 70% attendance however communication with your coach is key.


FAQ – What if I don’t continue my season?

If you decide to leave you will be under contract with the Mile High Blaze so you can not play for another team unless released by the Blaze.  Also, all monies for team fees/sponsorships are NON refundable and you ARE responsible for your remaining team fees dues.  If you are injured it is up to the team owner regarding the remaining team fees due.


FAQ – Do I have to fundraise?



FAQ – Do I have to return my uniform?

No, it is yours to keep


FAQ – Can I bring my kids to practice?

We know things happen and child care is expensive.  There is a playground next to our field so potentially kids can play there or near our field.  However, we can’t have kids on the field during practice for safety concerns.


FAQ – Do you practice in the snow?

Yes, we live and play in Colorado.  Coaches will make a judgement call regarding the weather and safety and you will be notified accordingly.




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