10 Aug

by Andrea Simon

It’s an age-old adage that ‘big things come in small packages,’ and Liberty North High School senior, ex WFA Kansas City Titans QB and recruit for the Mile-High Blaze, Brooke Liebsch is no exception. Brooke has been playing football with her male counterparts since she was 10-years old and became Missouri’s Liberty North High School’s first female quarterback at 14-years old.

Brooke is an offensive fireball on the field, when asked how she approaches playing with high school boys that outweigh her by two hundred pounds, she said, “I’m 5’6 and 120 pounds, at first the boys were afraid to tackle me. How do I tackle a girl they asked? After I hit them hard a couple of times, they realized I could hang tough with all of them.”

While playing with Kansas City Titans, Brooke credits Katie Sowers, NFL’s San Francisco 49ers assistant coach and the second woman in history to hold a full-time NFL" coaching position, as being her mentor and inspiration.

Mile High Blaze General Manager (GM), Wyndy Dominy was instrumental in convincing Brooke to join the Blaze team. Larry Liebsch, Brooke’s father and avid supporter stated, “Wyndy was an instrumental force in Brooke leaving the Titans and moving to a more inclusive team culture.” Both Larry, Brooke and GM Wyndy believe Brooke can be a WFA 2019 1st Team All American and help lead the Blaze to the 2019 National Championship.

"I think Brooke is going to fit into the Mile-High Blaze offense really well, it will also help that she will have some amazing vets guiding her. Our head coach and offensive coordinator can't wait to start working out with her. Brooke has an incredible work ethic, whether it's studying the playbook, being in the gym, team meetings or simply asking people to catch for her on practice routes.” Wyndy stated. “For someone her age to be so confident, capable of commanding a huddle and leading her team, it's impressive.”

When asked what she is looking forward to about playing for the Mile-High Blaze Brooke said, “I’m looking for a football family that has my back, build wonderful football relationships, have fun and smile and win a WFA National Championship. Maybe in the next five years, girls that are younger than me can play women’s football and get paid to play.”

In her spare time, Liebsch is already an entrepreneur, she owns a lawn mowing business with her father and is planning on hiring several employees as the business grows. Brooke’s favorite quote and life philosophy mirrors Mohammed Ali’s quote, “Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion,' and in our book Brooke is already a champion on and off the field.

Wyndy summed up Brooke being on the team, “My hope for Brooke is that she feels like she is part of the Blaze family and that she does her job, the team does their job, coaches and staff do their job and we end the 2019 season holding up a trophy together as a team. The Mile-High Blaze will have ‘The attitude of a champion and the hustle like an underdog.”